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La Madeleine de Proust is the first confectionery outlet in Hong Kong to showcase
traditional French cookies and candies, which are perfect for gifts, weddings and events.


French novelist Marcel Proust once ate a madeleine (a traditional small sponge cake) and in an instant recalled everything magical about being a child. As Proust discovered, a single taste can be transporting, taking the mind back to the past or forward to unexplored lands. "And soon, mechanically, dispirited after a dreary day with the prospect of a depressing morrow, I raised to my lips a spoonful of the tea in which I had soaked a morsel of the cake. No sooner had the warm liquid mixed with the crumbs touched my palate than a shudder ran through me and I


stopped, intent upon the extraordinary thing that was happening to me. An exquisite pleasure had invaded my senses, something isolated, detached, with no suggestion of its origin. And at once the vicissitudes of life had become indifferent to me, its disasters innocuous, its brevity illusory - this new sensation having had on me the effect which love has of filling me with a precious essence; or rather this essence was not in me it was me. ... And suddenly the memory revealed itself. The taste was that of the little piece of madeleine which on Sunday mornings, … my


aunt Léonie used to give me, … The sight of the little madeleine had recalled nothing to my mind before I tasted it." 

Extract of In Search of Lost Time, written by Marcel Proust (1913) translated by C.K. Scott Moncrieff (1922)





La Madeleine de Proust is the first confectionery outlet in Hong Kong to showcase traditional gourmet treats from boutique French producers with rich histories. Through the stories and perfected taste of freshly imported artisanal delicacies, La Madeleine de Proust transports you to France and to the timeless optimism and simplicity of childhood. At La Madeleine de Proust, the celebrated sweet offerings of France engage the senses, revealing the stories of their origins and inspiring new memories. Our distinctive products are a gateway to the rich confectionery 


heritage of France, imported directly from renowned French producers. Like flying in a hot air balloon, sampling the variety of delicacies is an astonishing journey of discovery. Through centuries of history, spanning diverse regions, each treat is a timeless small wonder. Whether enjoyed as a teatime snack or given as a chic, unique gift, the carefully-selected, luxurious pleasures of France set the mind adrift in bliss, dazzling with every bite.



We defend standards of taste.

We promote a philosophy of pleasure.

We encourage public awareness of culinary traditions and customs of France.






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